Frequently Asked Questions

Can Home School students enroll?

Yes, IRVS is an excellent option for home school students. The parent of a Homeschool student would need to fill out a Termination of Homeschool form before being enrolled in IRVS.

Can I earn a real high school diploma?

Yes, students can earn a high school diploma from Indian River Virtual School if they meet all state graduation requirements.

Can students participate in dual enrollment through Indian River State College?

Yes, as long as students meet the dual enrollment requirements they are able to participate. Dual Enrollment information is available through the IRV School Counselor.

Do courses require books?

For students in Grades in K- 5 books are used and included.

For students in Grades 6-12 books are used for some classes. Additional material is built into the platform.

Does IRVS follow the district calendar?

Yes, IRVS follows the same school calendar as all other Indian River County public schools.

Do students need to take statewide assessments?

Yes, pursuant to s. 1008.22 statewide assessments must be taken. Students are required to take scheduled assessments at their zoned school.

How much time will students need to devote to schoolwork?

Although the schedule is flexible, it is expected that students will have 5 hours of schoolwork per day for students in elementary, and 6 to 7 hours per day for middle and high school students. Daily activity in each course is required for a student to be successful.

What classes does IRVS offer?

IRVS offers courses in core subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts) as well as elective courses. You can find a list of courses by visiting our website, clicking on Guidance and Course Offerings.

What instructional providers are used at IRVS?


  • K12  - https://www.k12.com/