Program Procedures

Indian River Virtual Instruction Program Procedures


School District of Indian River County offers eligible students full and part-time virtual school options each school year. All programs were created in accordance with Florida Statutes to provide our students with high quality instruction in an online environment. We offer solutions for students enrolled in public school, private school or home education.

Our Program

The School District of Indian River County offers virtual school through the Indian River Virtual School (IR Virtual School). The programs were created in accordance with applicable Florida Statutes.

IR Virtual School was created in 2016 in accordance with Florida Statute 1002.37. Indian River Virtual School is a fully online program for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Indian River Virtual School offers both Full Time and Part Time virtual education utilizing Florida Department of Education approved virtual instruction providers. Public school, home education or in a private school students may be enrolled in Part Time virtual school.

Indian River Virtual School Graduation Requirements

Except as otherwise authorized pursuant to F.S. 1003.429., for Accelerated high school graduation options, graduation requires the successful completion of a minimum of 24 credits.
Graduation requirements are available at the Florida Department of Education website

Evaluation of VIP Providers

In the event the district contracts with a VIP provider, Indian River Virtual School will comply with all aspects of Board Policy 6320 and s. 1002.45 F.S.

Teacher and Staff Evaluation Information

Employees of Indian River Virtual School are subject to board policies, 3000 and 4000, and in accordance to the contracts collectively bargained for instructional and non-instructional staff.

Program Administration Information

Indian River Virtual School will operate under the direct supervision of the Principal for Virtual Instruction. The Principal is supervised by the Executive Director of Secondary Curriculum and is also under the direction of the Superintendent.

The Principal is evaluated in accordance with the Instructional Leadership Performance Appraisal System (ILPAS).

Attendance and Academic Progress

Full-time students enrolled in Indian River Virtual School are enrolled in a public school and therefore must meet the attendance requirements pursuant to School Board Policy 5200. Students will be required to log into the providers learning management system to complete the daily attendance check-in.

In addition to a daily attendance check, students will be expected to maintain adequate pace in all courses. The expected pace will be provided to all students at the beginning of each semester. The pace of all students will be monitored by the classroom teacher, guidance counselor and principal. Students, who are not maintaining adequate pace, will be referred to the school’s administration for appropriate interventions. Failure to abide by the policies and expectations may result in probationary status, removal from the program or denial of reenrollment.

Qualifications for Online Instructors

Employees of Indian River Virtual School are subject to School Board Policy 3120 - Employment of Instructional Staff.

Promotion and Retention Decisions

Full-Time Students are governed to the district Student Progression Plan; the plan may be reviewed at the School District of Indian River County website: . Promotion and retention decisions will be made by the staff of Indian River Virtual School.

Part-Time Students receiving instruction in one or more courses through Indian River Virtual School are not in membership with Indian River Virtual School. Therefore, all promotion and retention decisions are made by each student’s school of membership.

Instructional Materials and Computing Resources

Indian River Virtual School utilizes several Virtual Instruction Providers.
All curriculum utilized in this program is the creation of the virtual provider.
All curriculum utilized by Indian River Virtual School will meet the Florida State Standards.
In accordance with s1002.45 F.S., the district will provide eligible students with computers necessary for participation in our full-time program and reimbursement for internet services. Families must apply for technology assistance and meet the requirements for the Free/Reduced Lunch program to be eligible to receive computer and internet assistance.


  • Full-Time Students
  • Eligibility: All students, including home education and private school students, are eligible to participate in any of virtual school district operated part-time or full-time kindergarten through grade 12 virtual instruction programs under. In addition, students in an Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program with an active IEP or students with a 504/ADA Plan, must also have their plan reviewed by the IEP or 504 team to determine if the virtual school is an appropriate learning environment prior to acceptance being granted.
  • Enrollment Process: Parents or Guardians of students interested in enrolling full-time must complete all stages of the application, registration and enrollment process. The virtual instruction programs are public schools and therefore all enrollment requirements established by the Florida Department of Education and the School Board of the School District of Indian River County must be met. Meet with the principal of Indian River Virtual School. Review the Participation Agreement with the principal and agree to the requirements
  • Part-Time Students

Students may enroll part-time with Indian River Virtual School, if they are:

  • eligible to attend a school in the School District of Indian River County,
  • in membership in a public school, registered with the district as a home education student, and
  • the course request has been approved by the student’s guidance counselor.

VIP contracts

All VIP contracts will comply with district policies and the requirements of s. 1002.45 F.S. 

Requirements for testing

  • FSA/EOC Requirements
    • Section 1002.45 (6)(b), F.S. requires that each student enrolled in a virtual instruction program must “take state assessment tests within the school district in which such student resides, which must provide the student with access to the district’s testing facilities.”
    • Each District Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) will establish a process for notifying participating families in schools 7001, 7004, 7006, and/or 7023 of this requirement, the schedule for testing and the location each test will be administered. Upon receipt of test scores, each District VIP office will distribute scores in accordance with district practice.
    • In the event a district contracts with a provider under school 7001, test results will be provided to the vendor.
    • During the annual Student Data Corrections process, each District VIP will review DOE reported data for all programs (7001, 7004, 7006 and/or 7023) and make the appropriate adjustments. 
  • Additional District Testing
    • If additional testing is required by the district, then full-time and part-time students in 7001, 7004, 7006 and/or 7023 may be required to participate. Families will be notified of all necessary testing by the District VIP office.

Personnel Responsibilities

All employees of Indian River Virtual are held to the expectations of School Board Policies 4000 and 5000.